Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello dear

From:Miss Huiqing Liu Zhijun,
Han nationality, a native oF Ezhou
City China, Hubei Province,

Good Day,

I am Miss Huiqing Liu Zhijun,From Han nationality,
a native of Ezhou City, China, Hubei Province,
My Father is Mr,Liu Zhijun formal railway minister,
presently detained in prison by the present government.
I am his daughter.I would like to have a long lasting
and confidant relationship with you and entrusting
my life time fortune into your possession, as
now I am broken-heated and needs someone to trust,
without remembering my past and forsaken experiences
from close confidants and family.

I need someone, who would take me for whom I am
and as a lifetime Partner and confidant, after making
claims of the deposited can read more

I would like to give you a brief description of my Father,
He was a member of the 16th CPC Central Committee,
My Dad was elected Minister of the Ministry of Railways
in 2003, and was Secretary of Leading Party Group,
and during his tenure in office,I was used as a courier to
depositing his funds in abroad but due to the present fracas,
It causes a public Embarrassment.But, now the hole
family is under immigration security watch list and seriously
monitored. All, I wanted from you is to assist me make claims
of some funds my father did deposited in my name,as
I did kept the documents with one of my close confidant.

All, I want from you now is honesty and sincerity as soon
as this money is claimed by you, I will Look for a way and
sneaked out from America and travel down to meet you, so
we can go into a life time Partnership together,investing this
money in your country and anywhere else you prefer.

Sincerely yours,
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Miss Huiqing Liu Zhijun

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dr. Khalid Mustafa

Dr. Khalid Mustafa
Dr. Khalid Mustafa, Madam Alima Monah Mohamed brother, the wife of one of Gadafi's personal body guard from syrth - Libya. I Am seeking your urgent co-operation to help me claim the sum of US$7.7 million ( seven million,seven hundred thousand United States Dollars ), which is currently deposited in a finance home in Cairo Egypt by my sister's husband before he was killed in the NATO airstrike that ousted colonel Gadafi from power. In one of my brother in-laws's routine post during the heat of the war, he discover the two security boxes in colonel Gadafi's daughter private residence in Tripoli.

Due to the up-rising and increased crises in Libya at that time, My sister's husband secretly took the two boxes and whisked it out of Libya to a finance home in Cairo Egypt for safe keeping with the help of a senior Red Cross diplomat who was located in Tripoli for humanitarian aid activities. My sister's late husband disguised the boxes to the red-cross diplomat as his personal effects containing clothing materials and valuables Because he did not want Muammar Gadafi's government to know about it,hence we could deposit the boxes in Libya. I and my sister escaped the war scene into Egypt through the border,and shortly after we arrived Cairo Egypt, we bourded the next day flight to the United Kingdom.

My purpose of sending this email is to ask for your assistance to claim the two boxes consignment from the finance home in Cairo Egypt where the finance home have their head office and keep safely for us. If you are ready to help me in this subject, you will be entitled to have 20% of the total sum as your share after you have cleared the box from the finance home in the above mentioned country, the balance amount after you remove the 20% will be invested in any good business you will suggest to us. If you are ready to help and proceed, We will need you to send us the following information immediately to enable the finance home do the change of ownership of the consignment's to your name before the consignments will be ready for you to receive in Cairo Egypt:
1. Your Names:
2. Your Home Contact address:
3. Your Mobile number:
4. Your Occupation/Job:
5. Your Date Of Birth:
As soon we receive your reply, I will give you further information on how to claim the box from the finance home in Egypt as our named beneficiary of the two Unmarked boxes deposited by My sister's late husband.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Khalid Mustafa.